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Meet Again Live Session

The essence of their debut album was to break boarders between genres and to take pop song structures to the next level. As the last song of this songwriting period „Meet Again“ is the most spacy and versatile composition the band produced so far. The idea was to create a song as pulsating as disco grooves but with a deeper and more sentimental vibe. With that in mind, they tried to push differences in dynamics and instrumentation to the limit. Complexity in rhythm, harmony and instrumental melodies in every section are combined with beautiful simplicity in the vocals. This creates some kind of tragedy and the feeling of loss which is unique in our repertoire.

released March 27, 2020


Selma Juhran - Vocals

Johannes Kellig - Bass

Kilian Srowik - Guitar

Jeremias Wagler-Wernecke - Guitar

Florian Anger - Drums

Ludwig Barth - Keyboards

Vincent Meißner - Piano (Solo) 

Lukas Heckers - Percussion

Samuel Joseph - Percussion


Lyrics by Selma Juhran · Music by Florian Anger


Sebastian Burgis - DoP · Video Editing

Johannes Kellig - Recording Engineer · Mixing · Mastering

Hauke Mönig - Camera

Sebastian Menard - Camera

Maike Pöschel - Camera

Anton Wehner - Camera

Henrik Büttner - Recording Engineer



Constanze Hundt

Martin Voigt

Prof. Mike Winkler


Recorded at Herbert E. Graus-Studio · University of Applied Sciences Mittweida · Germany


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