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Written and arranged as the last track during the final rehearsels for the „Let Yourself Break“ recording sessions „I Could“ quickly became the band’s favorite for beeing our debut single. In between thought-out compositions with massive sounds and beats, this song is definitely a highlight on the album with its easy-grooving vibe and the feeling of just letting it flow. On „I Could“ you can hear the joy we had recording our own songs for the first time. This release has been our goal for more than three years and we are happy to announce that the debut single is out now!

I Could

released July 19, 2019


Selma Juhran – Vocals

Ludwig Barth – Bass

Vincent Meißner – Keyboards

Kilian Srowik – Guitar

Jeremias Wagler-Wernecke – Guitar

Samuel Joseph – Percussion

Florian Anger – Drums


Lyrics and Vocals written by Selma Juhran

Music by Florian Anger​


recorded on 09.03. - 10.03.2019 at ballroom studios Dresden mixed and mastered by Johannes Kellig & Ludwig Barth

All rights reserved © Luxury Hechts Records 2019